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SVEL is developing nation's first comprehensive solar energy,
photovoltaic & energy efficiency education program for high schools.  
Program features are based on inputs from over 75 teachers and
many students in the states of California, Colorado, Texas, Florida
and Massachusetts and Connecticut, department of energy and solar

1) Chapter-based programs customized to individual organization's
2) Focus on engineering aspects
3) Hands-on and exercised based curriculum
4) Industry and in-house developed tools help grasp the concepts
5) Team projects are highlighted throughout the chapters
(Great for competition)
6) Programs meet National, California and various other states'
education standards
7) Developed in co-ordination with the industry
8) Teacher training (through train-the-teacher program)
9) Permanently established at participating schools
10) Connect students with the solar industry

Program goal: Provide comprehensive & hands-on training in
PV/energy efficiency to students so that they become interested in
pursuing a career in these fields and adopt green energy resources
in their lives.

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Renewable Energy Education Made Easy
today graduate with no
comprehensive knowledge
It takes them years to
learn them about them by
taking multiple courses.

- A broad national
commitment to energy
efficiency could save
consumers $1.2 Trillion in
10 years (equivalent to
2009 budget deficit)
- McKinsey & company

- Our program will help in
both of these areas